Dancer - Actor - Singer - Adventurer


Hi! I'm Julia.

I am a professional pretend player. 

I was born and raised in Hershey, PA, by a community of dance moms and chocolatiers. So, naturally, the life of a performer was for me. I grew up dancing in competitions, performing at local theaters, and helping my community through art whenever I could. At 18, I packed my bags and moved to NYC to attend Pace University to pursue my BFA in Musical Theater with a minor in dance. I quickly became accustomed to the MTA and its feverish rats, but ultimately fell in love with it all. When I'm not performing a three-act play in my shower, you can find me winning Mario-Kart tournaments, baking macarons, or watching the latest ted talk on genetic engineering. 


To me, being an actor/dancer/singer/entertainer/artist/etc. is the most fulfilling job in the world. The ability to escape reality, touch someone's heart or effect change in the world is special to artists and artists alone. There's nothing I would rather do. 


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